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Dr. Jin Ho Lee

Rhinoplasty · Eye Surgery · Thread lift

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Seoul, South Korea






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Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Jin Ho Lee completed his MD from Yeungnam University Hospital. He then did an internship at Seoul Asan Medical Center. He is a very experienced and dedicated plastic surgeon. He got most of his experience from the Yeungnam University Hospital and also works as an exchange student at the State University of New York /Albany Medical center, NY. He has full command on performing various types of plastic surgeries with success. SPECIALITIES OF DR. JIN HO LEE Dr. Jin Ho Lee specializes in following procedures: • Eye Surgery • Rhinoplasty • Thread Lift EYE SURGERY: Eye plastic surgery is usually performed to remove the signs of aging and to treat droopy eyelids. It involves removing extra fat, muscles, and skin. As humans age, the fat starts to accumulate above and below the eyelids and make it droopy. Eye plastic surgery removes the aging effects from the eyes and provides a younger look and better vision. RHINOPLASTY: Dr. Jin Ho Lee is skilled to perform rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure usually done for a cosmetic purpose to improve facial appearance. During rhinoplasty, a surgeon reshapes the inner bone and cartilage. It can also be done for various medical purposes such as to fix deformities from an injury or to improve breathing from the nose. THREAD LIFT: Dr. Jin Ho Lee has performed many successful thread lift surgeries. This is the minimally invasive procedure used to lift the skin without removing it surgically. In this procedure, the loose skin is stitched upward with the help of thread and gives a younger look. It is mostly used to reshape the face and breast.