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Dr. Jin Young Jang

Pancreatic Cancer · Malignant biliary obstruction

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Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul, South Korea






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128 Yeongeon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Dr. Jin Young Jang is a passionate and zealous oncologist. He has many credentials on his collar. He has been a successful professional due to his custom-based treatments to his patients. He also diagnoses patients during their early stages of cancer that helps in the quick medical plan to counter the impact. Furthermore, he is also a professor who keeps him in touch with the new developments in finding cancer. He is currently serving at the Seoul National University Hospital located in Seoul, South Korea. He has published many pieces of research about his field of specialization, which is globally acknowledged and cited as well. Dr. Jin Young Jang completed his bachelor's in Medicine from Seoul National University College of Medicine in 1994. He earned his master's in Medicine from the School of Seoul National University in 1997 and completed his residency at Seoul National University College of Medicine in 1999. Additionally, he graduated from Seoul National University of College of Medicine with his Ph.D. in 2001 and went for an Overseas Training (Japan National Cancer Center) during the year 2001-2002. Dr. Jin Young Jang primarily experiences in treating Pancreatic Cancer and Malignant biliary obstruction. These disorders require precision in treatment as both diseases are life-threatening. Dr. Jin Young Jang believes in non-invasive surgical methods of treating conditions which is why his treatment plan works for many patients. His decades-long experience assists as a catalyst in the fruitful cure of the disorders. His attention span toward his patients is long, and his communication skills are open and clear.