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    Dr. Joachim Pfannschmidt

    Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) · Lung cancer

    Helios Emil von Behring

    Berlin, Germany


    Foundation year






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    Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Pfannschmidt is a skilled and professional surgeon specializing in thoracic surgery. Dr. Joachim Pfannschmidt started building up his skills and enhancing his experience in 1989 when he held the position of Assistant Doctor at the Department of Thoracic Surgery in the University of Cologne, and then in 1992 the ZKH Reinkenheide / Bremerhaven. He was promoted to Senior Doctor in 1995 at the Department of Visceral, Thorax and Vascular Surgery at the Bremerhaven-Reinkenheide Clinic. In 1999, Dr. Joachim Pfannschmidt started working at the Heidelberg University Hospital as an Assistant doctor. However, he was later promoted to the position of Senior Doctor at the Thoraxklinik’s Department of Surgery. Finally, in 2013, he joined the Lung Clinic Heckeshorn / HELIOS Hospital Emil von Behring and worked there as a Chief Physician in the Department of Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Joachim Pfannschmidt proficiently addresses many issues, including modern minimally invasive procedures (VATS, laser), lung tumors and metastases, pulmonary and pleural tuberculosis diseases, chest wall tumors, recurrent and radiation damage following thoracic tumors, including dermal and muscle flap surgery, Mediastinal tumors (germ cell tumors, dermoid tumors, thymomas, cysts, goiters) including vascular graft surgery, suppuration in the thoracic cavity (empyema), mediastinum (mediastinitis), lung or sternum, and costochondritis, funnel chest treatment using the Nuss technique. Dr. Joachim Pfannschmidt is a part of established organizations like: • The Society of Thoracic Surgeons • The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network • The German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Dr. Joachim Pfannschmidt is a hard-working individual. His determination and enthusiasm are evident in his successful surgeries and the thoughtful way he treats his patients.