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Dr. Jochen Facklam

Pneumothorax · Varicose veins

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Helios Hospital Schwerin

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany








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Wismarsche Str. 393-397, 19055 Schwerin, Germany


Dr. Jochen Facklam works at the Helios Clinics in Schwerin as the Head of Vascular and Thoracic Surgery. He has been associated with the vascular and thoracic surgery department for several years and works diligently to serve humanity. Dr. Jochen Facklam completed his medical degree in 1986 from the University of Rostock in Germany. He received his board certification as a surgeon in 1990 and started working as a surgeon at the Schwerin Hospital. His passion pushed him further to complete his surgical training in vascular and thoracic surgery. He became a board-certified vascular and thoracic surgeon in 1994 and 2000, respectively. Dr. Jochen Facklam deals with the following areas of specialty: · Reconstructive surgery of o Abdominal aorta h o Stent placement o Stent grafts o Pelvis · Treatment of circulatory disorders by drug infusion · Shunt revisions · Surgery of veins · Treating leg ulcers · Dealing with diabetic foot syndrome · Minimally invasive surgery of lung carcinoma · Lung diseases and pulmonary masses · Removal of metastases by laser resection · Endoscopy of mediastinum · Dealing with pneumothorax · Surgical procedures for serious cases of pulmonary emphysema · Treating thorax injuries · Hyperhidrosis Dr. Jochen Facklam also has numerous research publications under his name. He has also given his services at the District Hospital Crivitz during 1986 and 1991. Dr. Jochen Facklam is well-recognized in the medical community in Germany. He has conducted many successful surgeries and trained several surgical interns. His patients are quite satisfied with how he deals with them as he listens intently and instils hope.