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Dr. Joo Kwon

Neck Lift · Forehead Lifting

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JK Plastic Surgery Center

Seoul, South Korea





Contact Information

584-2 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Joo Kwon is the best-known plastic surgeon who works tirelessly to help his patients and humanity at large. He is a compassionate person and deals with his patients kindly. His expertise and professionalism speak volumes about his success. Dr. Joo Kwon is a friendly man who believes love, laughing and positive relations can cure any illness that divides humans on various bases. His friends have always found him helping people altruistically. That’s why he has a vast circle of friends and well-wishers. Dr. Joo Kwon was a bright student during his studies and graduated in surgery from Catholic University Medical School. Later on, his passion for advanced studies led him to major in Plastic surgery from the same university. After getting his postgraduate degree, he started his internship in Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, which is under the jurisdiction of Catholic Medical Center, and completed it. It is a prestigious institution where almost all the doctors go for their residency after the completion of their post-graduate studies. Dr. Joo Kwon is a competent surgeon of Neck Lift and Forehead Lifting. He is known to be an authority in his field. He primarily deals with those patients suffering from skin hanging around their necks because of obesity or aging. He helps them remove their fat and excess skin that hangs loose. Such an operation enhances one’s personality by providing youthful looks. Dr. Joo Kown is currently working as a senior surgeon of neck lifting and forehead lifting and offers valuable consultations to his patients worldwide.