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    Dr. Joo Young Hwang

    Endoscopic Spine Surgery · Non-Surgical Treatment

    Himchan Hospital

    Incheon, South Korea


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    Dr. Joo Young Hwang is an expert neurosurgeon at Himchan Hospital. His areas of expertise are endoscopic spine surgery and non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders. He is a highly educated doctor with vast experience in the field of neurosurgery. Endoscopic spine surgery is an innovative solution to spinal problems. This permits the doctor to utilize an endoscope during the system to address the aggravation generator that is the underlying driver of the neck, back, and leg pain. Himchan Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Korea that treat spine-related disorders using modern technology and has a specialized doctor’s team. Dr. Joo Young Hwang helps patients in relieving pain by performing successful medical procedures. Graduating from Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Dr. Joo Young Hwang strives to provide the best treatment for his patients. He performs well-researched techniques on patients to help them heal quickly without any side effects. He critically evaluates the patient’s condition and determines whether they require surgery or not. With skilled hands, he performs painless and harmless surgeries with long-lasting effects. He believes in developing a trusting relationship with his patients so he provides a comfortable environment for his patients to discuss any issue openly. His patients feel healthy and satisfied with their treatment. He is a well-informed doctor who keeps up with all the scientific revolutionary treatments and applies them for patient welfare. Dr. Joo Young Hwang provides a friendly environment for his fellow doctors. His colleagues and patients feel safe around him. He guides his juniors through complex surgeries and consults his seniors for the best treatment for his patients.