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    Dr. Jorn Kamradt

    Prostate cancer · Laparoscopic Urological Surgery

    24 Yrs

    Klinik Beau-Site

    Bern, Switzerland


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    Schänzlihalde 11, 3013 Bern, Switzerland

    Jorn Kamradt

    Bern, Switzerland


    PD dr. med Jorn Kamradt is a senior urologist at Kilink Beau-Site. His primary focus is on operative urology; however, his specialty includes treating urological disorders, urological tumors, kidney and bladder disorders, and prostate cancer. He has a 23-year dependable and vast experience in the field of urology. Urology is an area of medical sciences that deals with diagnosing, treating, and preventing structural and functional urinary system disorders. As urinary organs are highly linked with reproductive organs and kidneys, a urologist also deals with these issues. Dr. Jorn Kamradt is well known for his renowned diagnostics, surgical and non-surgical treatment methods, and research on operative urology. Dr. Jorn Kamradt provides several services like hematuria, UTI, uremia, urosepsis, prostate cancer, prostatitis, prostatectomy, pyelonephritis, renal colic, vasectomy, and so on. He employs modern, technologically advanced, quality surgical and non-surgical techniques to diagnose and treat urological, nephrological, and prostate disorders. He’s one of the few doctors to employ minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery (DA VINCI). He very precisely and dexterously controls the robot that performs the surgery. This quality treatment provides a surgical method to treat complex problems with greater precision, flexibility, and an increased success rate with a shortened recovery time. He has a very high rate of successful surgeries, which speaks of his high degree of manual dexterity, excellent hand-to-eye coordination, visuospatial ability, and vision. Dr. Jorn is well known for his excellent communication skills. He focuses on developing a trust-based relationship with his patients and provides comprehensive pre-and post-surgical consultancies to check their health; thus, his patients are delighted with him. He’s a member of many national and international medical associations and believes in developing a healthy, cooperative, and collaborative environment with his colleagues.