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Dr. Jose Antonio Martin Navajas

Hypertensive Heart Disease · Tachycardia

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Vithas Hospital la Salud

Andalucía, Spain





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Hospital Vithas La Salud, Av. Santa María de la Alhambra, 6, 18008 Granada, Spain


Dr. Jose Antonio Martin Navajas is a renowned cardiologist working at the Vithas hospital la Salud, Spain. He has pursued his early medical education and his degree of specialization from the University of Granada. As a cardiologist, Dr. Jose Antonio Martin Navajas mainly deals with diagnosing and effective treatment and managing tachycardias and hypertensive heart diseases. Undoubtedly, both these conditions are always prevalent in a given population at a given time. Hypertensive heart disease is the root cause of further complications and other heart-related diseases such as heart attack and heart failure. It should get diagnosed and treated once it arises in a patient to steer clear from all the unwanted complications. Only an efficient doctor like Dr. Jose Antonio Martin Navajas could quickly diagnose hypertension in the nick of time and prescribe supportive medication to treat their long-term survival against the disease. The same is the case with tachycardias, or a faster than normal heartbeat. Often, they arise due to some common reason, such as a stressful condition or anxiety. Still, it becomes a pathological condition that needs urgent evaluation when it keeps going in the long term. Dr. Jose Antonio Martin Navajas knows that heart-related conditions could be silent and often present when it is too late. That is why he prefers going through the patient's complete history to see if any prominent risk factors could cause these diseases. His patients and colleagues highly appreciate Dr. Jose Antonio Martin Navajas. His friendly yet professional approach has made him everyone's favorite.