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Dr. Jose Ignacio Carrasco Moreno

Stenting of COA · Congenital Heart Diseases

13 Yrs

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Vithas Hospital 9 de Octubre

Comunidad Valenciana, Spain





Contact Information

Carrer de la Vall de la Ballestera, 59, 46015 València, Valencia, Spain


Dr. Jose Ignacio Carrasco Moreno is a senior expert doctor of Stenting of COA and Congenital Heart Diseases. He believes that performing one’s duty professionally makes a person humane. He also believes that a person who avoids or neglects his duty, especially a doctor and a teacher, commits the gravest disservice to humanity. He practices his views and is the man of principles. He has built his personality around a few principles that make him unique. His principles of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and austerity are the hallmark of his character. He is the man of action and follows what he says and believes. Although sticking to his lofty principles does not make him a rigid person. Instead, he has a flexible personality. Dr. Jose Ignacio Carrasco Moreno put his duty before everything. He works with complete honesty and integrity. Being the expert on Stenting of COA and Congenital Heart Diseases, which are sensitive areas relating to heart diseases, he takes excellent care of his patients. His qualifications make him distinguished among his peers. He has achieved his MBBS degree from the reputable Literary University of Valencia, which is considered the best medical degree-awarding institution in the world. After completing his MBBS degree, he completed his compulsory internship successfully at the remarkable institution General Hospital of Valencia. Since then, he has worked in various medical hospitals and centers that provide quality treatment in Stenting of COA and Congenital Heart Diseases. He has over 10 years of experience under his belt and is a well-recognized doctor in the international arena.