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    Dr. Jose Lopez Garcia

    Benign Breast Disease

    Vithas Hospital Aguas Vivas

    Comunidad Valenciana, Spain






    Dr. Jose Lopez Garcia is ranked amongst the top general surgeons in Spain, specializing in breast surgery. He completed his medical education in 1991 from the University of Murcia, after which he completed his specialization degree in general and digestive apparatus surgery from General University Hospital of Valencia in 1999. He also holds a diploma in senology from the University of Barcelona. He received training to be an expert in oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery from La Coruna University. Dr. Jose Lopez Garcia is an honorable breast specialist with several years of experience backing his knowledge and education. He is an honorable member of the following esteemed national medical associations of Spain: a. Spanish Association of Surgeons b. Spanish Society of Senology c. Valencian Society of Surgery Dr. Jose Lopez Garcia’s areas of expertise include the following conditions: 1. Breast fibroadenoma 2. Benign breast diseases 3. Breast cancer 4. Breast tissue infection 5. Colorectal cancer 6. Breast infection 7. Breast tissue infection 8. Fibrocystic breast disease 9. Goiter 10. Breast abscess 11. Lumps in breasts 12. Thyroid cancer 13. Mammary dysplasia Some advanced and efficient services provided by Dr. Jose Lopez Garcia include the following: a. Breast surgery b. Laser sclerosis c. Lipotransfer d. Breast reconstruction e. Breast implant f. Laparoscopic hernia surgery g. Eventration surgery h. Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction i. Thyroidectomy (total or subtotal) Dr. Jose Lopez Garcia is well-known for his friendly and empathetic nature. He is very calm and composed in stressful situations and decides on a course of treatment that suits the patients.