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    Dr. Ju Cheol Kim

    Artificial Insemination · Bilateral Salpingectomy

    Daegu Maria Fertility Hospital

    Daegu, South Korea


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    Years before the scientific and medical revolution, infertility was considered a curse. Not only was it considered a flaw, but society blamed it on the females. Luckily that era passed a long time ago, and we are living peacefully in a civilization that doesn't value such 'flaws'. However, one thing hasn't changed, that is the problem of infertility. Infertility is still one of the major drawbacks among well-developed countries. The main cause is an unhealthy diet which ruins the hormone health and causes infertility disorders such as PCOS and PCOD. But thanks to the rapid and constant development, medical science has figured out ways to artificially inject sperm into the egg, resulting in artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is a procedure that helps infertile people to conceive; it is related especially to women. There are several deep aspects of artificial insemination, for which gynecologists get trained. One of such accomplished gynecologists includes Dr. Ju Cheol Kim. He is an Asian doctor based in North Korea. He achieved his degree and specialization in artificial insemination and bilateral salpingectomy. He graduated from the distinguished Seoul National University of College of Medicine. He currently treats patients at the Daegu Maria Fertility Hospital. His job includes carrying out surgeries for removing fallopian tubes (for patients who want permanent birth control) and artificial insemination (for patients who are not able to conceive naturally). He has maintained a high success rate due to his advanced and top-notch services.