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    Dr. Ju Wan Seuk

    Telemedicine · Open lumbar discectomy · Percutaneous endoscopic laser annuloplasty (PELA)

    Wooridul Hospital Gangnam

    Seoul, South Korea


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    Cheongdam-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea

    Ju Wan Seuk

    Seoul, South Korea


    Neurosurgeons analyze, evaluate and perform surgery to treat disorders of the nervous system (brain and spinal cord). A neurosurgeon focuses on the nervous system as a whole, as well as the conditions that affect it, such as trauma, degenerative disease, or chronic pain. Dr. Ju Wan Seuk is a specialized neurosurgeon based in South Korea and is well-known for delivering his specialty with great passion and precision. Dr. Ju Wan Seuk completed his graduation from the institute of Hanyang University College of Medicine. Later practiced Residency and Fellowship in Dept. of Neurosurgery, Hanyang University Hospital, to further grow his expertise. His extensive experience in neurosurgery cannot be over-sighted by anyone. He has worked as a Public Health Doctor in Andong-si Public Health Center and was also awarded the 'Best Fellow Award' from Gangnam Wooridul Hospital in 2016. Dr. Ju Wan Seuk is also associated with many societies, including The Korean Neurosurgical Society, The Korean Neurosurgical Spine Society and The Korean Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Society, for providing his research services in the field of neurosurgery. Popular procedures performed by him are Open Lumbar Discectomy, Percutaneous endoscopic laser annuloplasty (PELA), Chiari Decompression, Epilepsy Surgery, and many more. He is currently providing his medical services at Wooridul Hospital Gangnam, South Korea, where his devotion and passion help many patients transform their lives.