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Dr. Juan Carlos Gines Benitez

Presbyopia · Amblyopia

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Centro Medico Bautista

Asunción, Paraguay






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Avda. Republica Argentina y Campos Cervera, Avda. Republica Argentina 635, Asunción, Paraguay


The eyes play a very crucial role in our life. If they stop functioning correctly, our whole body suffers. Many disorders can affect our eyesight, resulting in discomfort and poor vision. Ophthalmologists or eye specialists are experts in treating conditions and diseases of our eyes. They make sure we see the world clearer, brighter, and without any problem. Dr. Juan Carlos Gines Benitez is a highly trained Physician, Surgeon, and Ophthalmologist with a particular interest in Presbyopia and Amblyopia. He is currently associated with Centro Medico Bautista, Paraguay. Presbyopia is a medical condition that surfaces as a part of the aging process, making the lens inside the eye turn less elastic. As a result, people over 40 notice their near vision getting blurry and focusing on small objects becoming difficult. On the other hand, Amblyopia (commonly called lazy eye) is a vision development disorder and typically begins in early childhood. Besides these disorders, Dr. Juan Carlos Gines Benitez is also an expert in cataract, cornea, and refractive surgeries. He obtained his medical education from the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Asuncion. Later, he completed his specialization in Ophthalmology from the Vision Foundation. He has also completed training courses from Augenklinik der Ludwig Maximilians University, in Munich, Germany, and the Casey Eye Institute and Oregon Health & Science University, in Portland, USA. In addition, he is the Administrative Director of the Paraguayan Society of Ophthalmology and a member of the Cornea Department of the UNA Chair of Ophthalmology.