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    Dr. Julio Hernandez Afonso

    Angina · Tachycardia

    Vithas Hospital Santa Cruz

    Canarias, Spain






    Dr. Julio Hernandez Afonso is an experienced cardiologist working diligently to serve humanity. He is an expert in dealing with cases of Angina and Tachycardia. He is well-known for dealing with issues that require utmost attention and diligence. Dr. Julio Hernandez Afonso completed his degree in medicine and surgery from the University of La Laguna. He completed his cardiology specialization at the University Hospital October, in Madrid. He then continued his studies to receive accreditation in the Practice of Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology from the Spanish Society of Cardiology. Dr. Julio Hernandez Afonso is also a highly skilled Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiologist – for which he completed accreditation from the same institute in Madrid. Due to his vast educational background and degrees, Dr. Julio Hernandez Afonso has worked as a consultant and senior cardiologist at several hospitals. He has also worked as an associate professor of Internal Medicine at the University of La Laguna, Department of Dermatology and Psychiatry. Dr. Julio Hernandez Afonso also served as the head of the cardiology department at the Nuestra University Hospital in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. Dr. Julio Hernandez Afonso is famous for handling numerous patients who contacted him for consultation. He listens to his patients with attention and deals with them empathetically. People from all over the country and Europe come to Dr. Julio Hernandez Afonso for their cardiology-related problems. He is a great professional with a heart of gold. He instils hope in his patients and motivates them to live healthier lives and make better choices.