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    Dr. Jung Min Ko

    Rare genetic disease · Galactosemia · Chromosomal abnormality

    Seoul National University Hospital

    Seoul, South Korea


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    Dr. Jung Min Ko is a professional physician of rare genetic diseases, chromosomal abnormalities, and galactosemia. She is known nationally and internationally due to her vast experience in disorders related to genetics and chromosomes. Apart from her professional life, Dr. Jung Min Ko is an amiable person. She loves to socialize with people, and humility is one of her dominant characters. She is hailed as a near-perfect human being in her dealing with people and her patients. She is brilliant and has an excellent level of understanding her patient's conditions in-depth. Dr. Jung Min Ko is a highly qualified person and has conducted various research studies in genetics. The findings in her research are astounding and amazing. She has attained multiple degrees from multiple prestigious universities with flying colors. She has got an M.D. degree from Ewha Womans University College of Medicine successfully. After her M.D. degree, she worked as an internee in various institutions to gain experience in her field. Later, Dr. Jung Min Ko brained her M.S. degree from the reputable University of Ulsan College of Medicine. But her passion for learning didn't stop there. She applied for doctoral education in the same university and got her Ph.D. degree. Dr. Jung Min Ko has completed her residency training with professionalism. After that, she has worked in various hospitals and other medical centers designed explicitly for genetic patients. She has helped open new vistas of learning through multiple types of research. Her research is welcomed warmly and has been acknowledged by physicians around the globe.