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Dr. K. Mrudula

Spondylolisthesis · Epilepsy

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Telangana, India








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3-4-473 Vysya Hostel Kachiguda Station Road Lingampally Kachiguda Hyderabad Hyderabad Telangana India


Dr. K. Mrudula stands as a highly regarded Consultant Neurophysician at Prathima Hospital, Kachiguda, renowned for her expertise and exceptional patient care in the field of neurology. With a robust educational background, extensive experience, numerous awards, and memberships in esteemed medical associations, Dr. Mrudula is recognized as one of the best neuro physicians in Hyderabad. Her educational journey is a testament to her commitment to excellence in healthcare. Dr. Mrudula obtained her MBBS from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, in 2009, establishing a strong foundation in medicine. She continued her academic pursuit with an MD in Pediatrics from Gandhi Medical College (2012-2015), showcasing her dedication to understanding the intricate aspects of pediatric healthcare. Driven by a passion for neurology, she pursued DrNB Neurology at Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad, from 2016 to 2019, solidifying her specialization in neurological disorders. Dr. K. Mrudula's wealth of experience is reflected in her role as an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Niloufer Hospital, Osmania Medical College. Her tenure in this role allowed her to contribute significantly to patient care, clinical education, and the advancement of neurology as a discipline. Her ability to handle critical neurological conditions underscores her expertise and dedication to delivering optimal care to her patients. As a testament to her academic and professional achievements, Dr. Mrudula has received several awards. She presented an award paper and poster at IANCON 2019, showcasing her contributions to the field of neurology. Her academic prowess is highlighted by being a gold medalist in MD Pediatrics in 2015. Furthermore, she was honored with the 'National Young Talent Scholar Award 2014' and received gold medals for paper presentations, including the 'IAP Dr. YR Reddy' gold medal in 2014 and the 'PATS Dr. Chandrashekar Chowdary' gold medal in 2014. Dr. Mrudula's quiz proficiency was recognized with the 'AP state PEDICON Dr. YC Mathur' gold medal in 2013. Her commitment to advancing medical knowledge is evident in her publication titled "Predictors of Functional Recovery of Upper Limb Following Acute Ischemic Stroke," published in the Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development in January-March 2023. This contribution showcases Dr. Mrudula's dedication to research and her focus on improving patient outcomes. Dr. Mrudula is an active member of prestigious medical associations, including the Indian Academy of Neurology, the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, and the Indian Medical Association. These memberships not only reflect her commitment to professional development but also position her as part of a network of healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing their respective fields. Patients under the care of Dr. K. Mrudula benefit not only from her extensive academic background and clinical experience but also from her compassionate approach to healthcare. Her expertise in Spondylolisthesis, Epilepsy, stroke management, neck and back pain, and movement disorders positions her as a comprehensive neurophysician capable of handling diverse neurological conditions.