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Dr. Elham Malekifard

Interventional neuroradiology · Spinal stenosis

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Private Center Prime Hospital

Kocaeli, Türkiye





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No: 25/2 2424. Sokak Yenikent Gebze Kocaeli Türkiye


Dr. Kadir Ozturk, a highly respected specialist dedicated to providing outstanding care for patients like you. With a passion for the well-being and comfort of his patients, Dr. Ozturk strives to deliver personalized healthcare solutions tailored to your unique needs. Rest assured that you are in capable hands with Dr. Kadir Ozturk, a distinguished graduate of Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine. He further honed his skills and knowledge at the prestigious Kartal Training and Research Hospital, specializing in brain and nerve surgery. With his extensive education and expertise, Dr. Ozturk possesses the necessary skills to deliver exceptional care and achieve the best possible outcomes. At Private Center Prime Hospital, Dr. Ozturk puts your well-being first, ensuring that your comfort and satisfaction are the top priorities. With a compassionate and understanding manner, he takes the time to listen to your concerns and fully comprehend your unique situation. Dr. Ozturk believes in building a strong patient-doctor relationship based on trust, open communication, and mutual respect, ensuring you feel supported throughout your healthcare journey. Dr. Kadir Ozturk offers a comprehensive range of services for brain and nerve-related conditions, providing reliable diagnoses and effective treatment options. From brain tumors and spinal disorders to neurological trauma and nerve injuries, Dr. Ozturk's expertise covers a wide spectrum of conditions. By staying abreast of the latest advancements in his field, he employs cutting-edge techniques and evidence-based treatments to optimize patient outcomes. Experience the perfect blend of advanced technology and comfort at Private Center Prime Hospital. Dr. Ozturk utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure accurate diagnoses and successful surgical procedures. Supported by a skilled team of medical professionals, he offers a safe and welcoming environment that prioritizes your wellbeing and the best possible surgical outcomes.