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Dr. Kadir Sahna

Myocardial disease · Arterial stiffness

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Private Ordu Sevgi Hospital

Ordu, Türkiye





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5 906. Sokak Karşıyaka Altınordu Ordu Türkiye


Looking for a highly experienced and compassionate cardiology specialist? Look no further than Dr. Kadir Sahna, a dedicated healthcare professional with a passion for heart health. Born in the picturesque town of Artvin in 1966, Dr. Sahna's journey in the field of medicine began with a determination to make a difference in people's lives. He embarked on his medical education at Ankara Medical Faculty, graduating in 1988 with a solid foundation in healthcare. With a deep commitment to the field, Dr. Sahna specialized in cardiology and earned his credentials as a Cardiology Specialist in 1995. This marked the beginning of his remarkable journey to improve heart health and provide top-notch care to his patients. For over a decade, Dr. Sahna served the community at Ordu State Hospital, where he honed his skills and garnered a reputation for excellence in cardiology. From 1995 to 2006, he dedicated himself to the well-being of countless patients. In 2006, Dr. Sahna took his expertise to Private Ordu Umut Hospital, where he continued to deliver exceptional cardiac care for an impressive 15 years. His commitment to patient well-being and his proficiency in the field set him apart as a trusted name in cardiology. Today, Dr. Kadir Sahna brings his extensive experience and unwavering dedication to our hospital, where he currently serves as a Cardiology Specialist. His passion for heart health and his patient-centered approach make him the ideal choice for individuals seeking expert care. When it comes to your heart health, experience matters. Dr. Sahna's decades of practice and continuous commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements ensure that you receive the highest quality of cardiological care. Don't leave your heart health to chance. Put your trust in the capable hands of Dr. Kadir Sahna. Schedule your appointment today, and take the first step towards a healthier heart. Meet Dr. Kadir Sahna: Your Trusted Cardiology Specialist