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Dr. Kantima Leelahavanichkul

Orthodontics · Removable orthodontic appliance


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Art Dental Studio Clinic

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand

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55, Wave Place Bld., Floor G, Unit 101, Wireless Road, Lumpini, Khet Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand


"Discover Exceptional Orthodontic Care with Dr. Kantima Leelahavanichkul Welcome to the world of transformative smiles with Dr. Kantima Leelahavanichkul, your trusted partner in achieving a radiant and confident smile. Dr. Leelahavanichkul is a distinguished orthodontic specialist renowned for her unparalleled expertise in creating stunning, healthy smiles. At the heart of her practice, Dr. Leelahavanichkul combines artistry and precision, leveraging cutting-edge orthodontic techniques to craft smiles that leave a lasting impression. With a deep commitment to your well-being, she goes above and beyond to ensure your orthodontic journey is comfortable, efficient, and successful. Key Services: Braces and Invisalign Treatments: Experience the latest advancements in orthodontic care, from traditional braces to virtually invisible Invisalign aligners, tailored to your unique needs. Orthodontic Consultations: Dr. Leelahavanichkul offers personalized consultations to assess your orthodontic concerns and create a customized treatment plan. Compassionate Care: Enjoy a warm and welcoming environment that puts your comfort and confidence at the forefront of your orthodontic experience. Why Choose Dr. Kantima Leelahavanichkul? Expertise: With years of experience, Dr. Leelahavanichkul is a trusted name in the field of orthodontics. Patient-Centered Approach: Your needs and concerns are at the center of every treatment plan. Cutting-Edge Technology: Benefit from the latest advancements in orthodontic care for the most efficient and comfortable treatments. Whether you're seeking to align your teeth, correct bite issues, or enhance your smile's aesthetics, Dr. Kantima Leelahavanichkul is your gateway to a life-changing smile transformation. Discover the art of orthodontics with an expert who understands your unique desires and aspirations.