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Dr. Karla Martin

Embryo transfer · Sperm Freezing

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LIV Fertility Center

Nayarit, Mexico




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Paseo de los Cocoteros 55, Piso 3, Interior 3301, Bahia de Banderas (Nuevo Vallarta), Nayarit, Mexico


Meet Dr. Karla Martin, our esteemed embryologist extraordinaire here at LIV Fertility Center. Patients, you're in for a treat! Dr. Martin, with her wealth of expertise and impeccable skills, has earned a stellar reputation that resonates throughout the world of fertility treatment. What sets Dr. Karla Martin apart is her unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology and a deep-seated passion for ensuring the healthiest and most viable embryos possible for your In Vitro Fertilization journey. Through her vast experience and boundless knowledge, Dr. Martin has mastered the art of assessing embryo quality before implantation, a feat that has significantly elevated the success rates of implantation for our cherished patients. Dr. Karla Martin's dedication to the well-being of IVF patients has left an indelible mark on the landscape of reproductive medicine. Hailing from the vibrant city of Guadalajara, Mexico, she further honed her skills by earning a Master's degree at the prestigious University of Barcelona in Spain, following her undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of Guadalajara. Her illustrious career, enriched by continuous training and leadership roles at the finest IVF clinics in Mexico, has equipped her with exceptional prowess in key areas such as Andrology, Embryology, Immunoenzymatic Techniques, and Molecular Biology. With Dr. Karla Martin leading the way, you can trust that your journey toward parenthood is guided by a true visionary in the realm of fertility medicine.