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Dr. Kay Grosser

Exstrophy Bladder Repair · Neonatal Laparoscopic Surgery

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Nordhäuser Str. 74, 99089 Erfurt, Germany


Dr. Kay Grosser is a highly qualified Pediatric Surgeon. He currently works at HELIOS Klinikum Erfurt GmbH as the Chief Physician of the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery & Pediatric Urology. Dr. Kay Grosser can expertly carry out a number of procedures, including Laparoscopic decompression of the coeliac artery for chronic abdominal pain, use of biodegradable membranes (Surgisis) in the urinary bladder, the esophagus or the intestines, Dermal substitution with Matriderm, and VAC therapy for extensive skin defects and burns, minimally invasive correction of thoracic wall deformities, Correction of cranial deformities, and Endoscopic therapy of vesicoureteral reflux. His top medical specialties include Exstrophy Bladder Repair and Neonatal Laparoscopic Surgery. Dr. Kay Grosser started his medical journey at Rostock University, the Faculty of Medicine, in 1980, a very renowned and prestigious institute. From there, he graduated in 1986 and earned his license to practice medicine. He then attended University Hospital Dresden, one of the best institutes, from where he specialized in Pediatric Surgery. Apart from an excellent education, Dr. Kay Grosser has many achievements under his belt. He also contributed to the research department and has over 23 publications in national and international journals. Dr. Kay Grosser is a very dedicated and humble individual. He is extremely passionate about caring for his patients and determined to offer him the best care and treatment possible.