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Dr. Keun Her

Chronic occlusion coronary artery (CTO)

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Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital

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170 Jomaru-ro Wonmi-gu Bucheon Gyeonggi-do South Korea


A cardiologist is an internal medicine doctor who focuses on not only the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) diseases and conditions but also focuses on preventing their occurrence through regular checkups, tests, and educating their patients about adopting habits and lifestyle changes that promote heart health, because many heart problems are chronic and long-term. Dr. Keun Her is a highly reputed Cardiologist based in South Korea and is well-known for his extensive experience and profound knowledge. Dr. Keun Her started his medical training with a doctor of medicine from Soon Сhun Hyang University College of Medicine, South Korea, and later received his Fellowship from Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Bucheon. Dr. Keun Her is a regular member of several associations related to cardiology, its prevention, and treatment. He also frequently participated as an invited speaker, panelist, or moderator in many international congresses, symposiums, and courses on cardiologic care; moreover, he has presented various research papers about cancer treatment on both the national and international levels. His fervent specialty is to treat Chronic occlusion coronary artery (CTO), Artificial pacemaker surgery, Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG), Heart valve surgery, and many others. Following the treatment of the diseases, many patients commented positively on his close attention to his patients during the follow-up process. Presently, as a cardiologist consultant, Dr. Keun Her serves in the Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital, South Korea. He has a strong commitment and heart to care for people, a goal that he embraces with passion and humility.