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Dr. Dong Hyun Kim

Laparoscopic Surgery · Robot-Assisted Surgery


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Wonju Severance Christian Hospital

Gangwon-do, South Korea



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20 Ilsan-ro Weonju Gangwon-do South Korea


Doctor Overview: Kim Dong Hyun Department of Pancreas and Pancreatic Surgery Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, Wonju Severance Christian Hospital Are you seeking the expertise of a distinguished surgeon with an exceptional educational background and a track record of groundbreaking contributions to the field of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery? Look no further than Dr. Kim Dong Hyun, a brilliant mind and a skillful practitioner at the renowned Wonju Severance Christian Hospital. Dr. Kim's journey from academia to hands-on excellence showcases his commitment to advancing medical science and providing the highest quality care. Educational Excellence: Dr. Kim earned his Bachelor of Medicine degree from the prestigious Yonsei University School of Medicine in 2002. His pursuit of excellence led him to obtain a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Yonsei University Graduate School of Medicine. This strong foundation in medical education underscores his commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements. Teaching and Research Career: Dr. Kim's professional journey is a testament to his dedication to learning and sharing knowledge. He began as a trainee at Yonsei University School of Medicine Shinchon Severance Hospital before ascending through various roles, including Clinical Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor at Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine. Notably, he expanded his expertise with overseas training at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA. Pioneering Academic Activities: A proud member of esteemed medical societies, including the Korean Society of Surgical Surgery, the Korean Society of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, the Korean Endoscopic Laparoscopy Society, and the Korean Transplant Society, Dr. Kim actively engages in shaping the future of surgical practices. Areas of Excellence: Dr. Kim's areas of specialization are as diverse as they are impressive. From hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery to laparoscopic and robotic surgery, his expertise spans critical domains that redefine surgical techniques and outcomes. Remarkable Achievements: Dr. Kim's dedication to advancing medical science is well-evidenced by his prolific contributions to academic literature. Notable publications include his pioneering work on cholecystectomy and lymph node dissection for patients with T2 gallbladder cancer, predictors of mortality in cirrhotic patients undergoing extrahepatic surgery, and revolutionary robotic central pancreatectomy techniques. His studies have not only expanded our understanding of surgical procedures but have also pointed towards enhanced patient care and improved outcomes. Trustworthy and Visionary: Dr. Kim Dong Hyun is not just a surgeon; he is a visionary shaping the future of surgical practice. His exceptional educational background, vast teaching experience, and groundbreaking research underscore his dedication to revolutionizing patient care. When you seek Dr. Kim's expertise, you're not just choosing a surgeon – you're choosing a trailblazer committed to innovation and excellence.