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Dr. Hyun Young Kim

Periodontics · Complete denture

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Line-Up Dental Hospital

Busan, South Korea



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3rd and 4th floors, 26, Seomyeonmunhwa-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan


Introducing Dr. Kim Hyun Young: Your Partner in Periodontal Excellence Empowering Your Smile with Profound Expertise and Compassionate Care Welcome to the realm of vibrant smiles and optimal oral health, guided by the experienced hands and heart of Dr. Kim Hyun Young. With a comprehensive background in periodontics and a relentless dedication to patient well-being, Dr. Kim Hyun Young emerges as a beacon of excellence in the field. Your journey towards a healthier and more confident smile starts here. 🎓 Education and Expertise: Dr. Kim Hyun Young's journey began with her graduation from the esteemed Busan National University of Dental, laying a solid foundation for her expertise in dentistry and patient care. As a proud member of the Korean Academy of Dentistry, she remains committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in the dental field. 🔬 Diverse Proficiency: Her affiliation with the Korean Orthodontics Research Society showcases her dedication to furthering her skills and contributing to the field's ongoing progress. Dr. Kim Hyun Young's achievements extend beyond periodontics, with a notable completion of the SDI Roden Academy in prosthetic copulation, reflecting her commitment to comprehensive dental care. 👑 A Leadership Legacy: Dr. Kim Hyun Young's impact is felt through her roles as the former head of "City priden Dental" and the former vice head of "Su Dental," where her leadership shaped exceptional patient experiences. 🏫 Guiding Future Professionals: Her commitment to education shines as she imparts her knowledge as a professor of dentistry at Busan National University, inspiring the next generation of dental professionals. 🌐 A Surgeon with Vision: As a current surgeon and dentistry doctor at "Line-up Dental," Dr. Kim Hyun Young continues to make a difference in patients' lives by offering advanced treatments and compassionate care. 🔑 Elevate Your Oral Health: Experience the transformative power of a healthier smile under the care of Dr. Kim Hyun Young. Schedule your consultation today by contacting us, and take the first step towards achieving a smile that reflects your vitality and confidence. Elevate your smile, and empower your health – Dr. Kim Hyun Young is dedicated to guiding you on this remarkable journey.