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Dr. Kirill Pshenisnov

Breast Surgery · Rhinoplasty

41 Yrs

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EMC Spiridonievsky

Contact Information

Spiridon'yevskiy Pereulok, 5, стр. 1, Moskva, Russia, 123001


Dr. Kirill Pshenisnov is one of the best plastic surgeons at EMC Spiridonievsky, who actively combining surgical practice with scientific research and teaching. In his work, professor Pshenisnov uses the best achievements of the leading US aesthetic medicine clinics. Performs a full range of surgical corrective operations in the area of aesthetic and reconstructive medicine. He has 38 years of experience in breast surgery, rhinoplasty. Patients trust him in such an important moment for them as plastic surgery. Dr. Pshenisnov graduated from Yaroslavsky Medical Institute cum laude. He continued his studies, first by defending his thesis on improving autogenous artery plastics and then by obtaining a doctorate degree in microsurgical tissue injuries and their consequences plastics in the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. A few years later he received a certificate of the professorship. It has the highest surgeon qualification category. Professor Pshenisnov is the first Russian surgeon to complete the full educational program of the Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF), USA. For several years he had trained in plastic reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery in the US and Western Europe. Dr. Kirill Pshenisnov also worked with the best plastic surgery specialists from Vermont, Virginia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Moreover, professor Pshenisnov has traveled multiple times by invitation to lecture, deliver papers, and show-case operations to the USA, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland, Vietnam, Austria, Finland, Australia, Brazil, Morocco, etc. Currently, the professor is a director of the course of plastic surgery of the Postgraduate Education Department at Yaroslavl State Medical Academy and Professor of the Plastic Surgery Department at the Russian State Medical University. Dr. Pshenisnov is the author of over 270 scientific works, including two monographs. 30 of his works have been published in English in the leading international journals on plastic surgery of the USA and Western Europe.