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Dr. Kivanc Tac

Laparoscopic Surgery · Gallbladder Surgery

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Private Iskenderun Development Hospital

Çorum, Türkiye



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89 Doktor Sadık Ahmet Caddesi Ulukavak Çorum Merkez Çorum Türkiye


If you're seeking a dedicated and experienced general surgeon, look no further than Dr. Kivanc Tac. With a rich background in medical education and a remarkable career spanning decades, Dr. Tac is your go-to expert for a wide range of surgical procedures. Here, we'll take you on a journey through his extensive field of expertise and how he can provide you with the best possible care. Dr. Kivanc Tac's extensive experience encompasses an array of surgical techniques, making him a versatile and skilled surgeon. His key areas of expertise include: Gallbladder Surgeries: Dr. Tac excels in both laparoscopic and open techniques to address gallbladder issues. Thyroid Surgery: Offering a solution to goiter and thyroid-related concerns. Gastric Reflux Surgeries: Laparoscopic procedures to alleviate the discomfort of gastric reflux. Hemorrhoid Surgeries: A variety of methods, including Longo-stapler, band ligation, and surgery, to treat hemorrhoids effectively. Perianal Abscess, Fistula, and Fissure Surgeries: Offering relief and healing for these often painful conditions. Appendicitis Surgery: Skillfully performed open surgery to address appendicitis. Pilonidal Sinus Surgeries: Dr. Tac provides both open and laser methods to treat pilonidal sinus. Breast Biopsy and Cancer Surgeries: A compassionate approach to breast health concerns. Stomach and Large Intestine Surgeries: Specialized care for these vital digestive organs. Hernia Surgeries: Including inguinal, umbilical, and incisional hernia procedures. Colonoscopy and Endoscopy: Cutting-edge diagnostic tools for gastrointestinal conditions. Rectosigmodioscopy: Expert examination of the rectum and sigmoid colon. Education and Career: A Journey of Excellence Dr. Tac's journey towards becoming a top-notch general surgeon is marked by: Graduation from Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine in 1993. Specialization in General Surgery at Samsun 19 Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine from 1995 to 2000. A diverse work history at esteemed healthcare institutions, including Hatay Antakya No. 3 Health Center, Hatay Antakya State Hospital, and Private Antakya Defne Hospital. A current role at Private Antakya Academy Hospital, where he continues to offer outstanding surgical care. Your Trusted Partner in Health Dr. Kivanc Tac's dedication to patient well-being goes beyond the operating room. His multilingual skills, including fluency in English, allow him to provide comprehensive care for a wide range of patients. He is also a member of the Turkish Surgical Association. Obesity and Diabetes Surgery Stomach Botox and Gastric Balloon Applications Large Intestine Cancer Surgery Reflux Surgery Emergency and Trauma Surgery Digestive System Endoscopy Innovative LASER treatments for Anal Area Diseases, such as Hemorrhoids, Fissures, and Fistulas, ensuring minimal incisions, reduced pain, and swift recovery. Your health is Dr. Tac's top priority. With his expertise, compassion, and commitment to the most advanced techniques, you can trust him to guide you on your journey to better health. Don't wait – schedule your consultation today with Dr. Kivanc Tac, where your well-being is in the hands of a true surgical expert.