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    Dr. Korney Tevs

    HDR Brachytherapy · Radiotherapy

    Medicina, JSC (Academician Roytberg Clinic)

    Moskva, Russia


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Korney Tevs is a radiologist and Head of the Radiotherapy Department at Medicina, JSC (Academician Roytberg Clinic). Dr. Korney Tevs has 13 years of experience. In 2010, Dr. Korney Tevs graduated from Novosibirsk State Medical University with a degree in pediatrics, and in 2012, Dr. Korney Tevs graduated from Novosibirsk State Medical University with a degree in oncology. Since 2012, Dr. Korney Tevs has worked as a radiologist at the Novosibirsk Research Institute of Circulatory Pathology, named after Academician E.N. Meshalkin. And in 2015, Dr. Korney Tevs worked as a radiotherapist at the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, Moscow. Dr. Korney Tevs is engaged in radiation therapy as well as radioisotope research methods. Dr. Korney Tevs provides radiation therapy for malignant and benign tumors. Dr. Korney Tevs is engaged in the selection and conduct of the most gentle methods of treatment, the preparation of a course of therapy, and the adjustment of radiation doses, taking into account the total radiation exposure to the body. Refresher course taken by Dr. Korney Tevs 2012: Radiology, Novosibirsk State Medical University: Specialization Dr. Korney Tev conducts the treatment of diseases with the use of radiation therapy, such as: BENIGN TUMORS ONCOLOGICAL DISEASES, METASTASES ARTHRITIS BURSITIS HIDRADENITIS REDICULITIS SPURS LYMPHOMA LYMPHOGRANULOMATOSIS, ETC. Dr. Korney Tev specializes in the management of cancer patients before and during remote radiation therapy, as well as in the treatment of patients of any oncological localization, including hematological ones. Dr. Korney Tev has extensive experience in stereotactic radiation therapy (radiosurgery). For more than 3 years, Dr. Korney Tev conducted remote radiation therapy for children of any age.