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Dr. Krishna Subramony Lyer

Single Ventricle Defects Surgery · Pediatric thoracic tumor

42 Yrs

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Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla Road

Delhi, India





Contact Information

Okhla road, Sukhdev Vihar Metro Station, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110025, India


Dr. Krishna Subramony is a renowned pediatric cardiac surgeon at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla Road, has 40 years of experience. He has operated on more than 10,000 babies, children, and adults with congenital heart diseases comprising various procedures like arterial switch procedure, double switch operation TAPVC repairs, Fontan and Fontan type procedures, corrections for tetralogy of Fallot, DORV, Truncus, etc. Senning operation, conduit repairs, and a wide range of one-stage and multi-stage corrections for complex congenital heart diseases. His current interests are perfecting complex neonatal cardiac surgery, cardiac surgery in malnourished infants and children, salvaging late presenters of congenital heart disease, and developing cost-effective cardiac care for children in developing countries. Dr. Krishna Subramony is the best specialist, who initiated the first dedicated pediatric cardiac care program in Northern India, a pioneering initiative, at Escorts Heart Institute Research Center. Dr. Krishna Subramony completed MBBS at All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi, and he gained his MS and MC.h at the same Institute. After basic training, he joined the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at AIIMS and was an Additional Professor at the time he moved to Escorts Heart Institute to set up its pediatric cardiac care division. Moreover, he trained in pediatric and infant cardiac surgery under the guidance of the renowned pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. R.B.B.Mee as Senior Fellow at the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne in Australia, 1989. In addition to his work, he was involved in many charities for underprivileged children, most notably the 'Gift of Life' program of Rotary International.