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    Dr. Kwang Lee

    Artificial Insemination · Infertility

    MizMedi Hospital Seoul

    Seoul, South Korea


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    Dr. Kwang Lee is a well-known infertility expert at Mizmedi Hospital, Seoul, one of the top medical institutions to treat couples’ common medical problems. With the sound experience of many years, he has treated many patients from across the world. As a result, he has given hope to many people and has helped them have a family. EDUCATION AND GREAT MEDICAL EXPERIENCE OF DR. KWANG LEE Dr. Kwang Lee completed his bachelor’s degree program at Chosun University. After graduating from the university, he went for higher studies. Then, he started working as a medical practitioner at Mizmedi Hospital, Seoul. Dr. Kwang Lee is considered one of the leading gynecology experts. He specializes in treating fertility issues of both men and women and has done many pieces of research in this field. Being proficient in artificial insemination and infertility, he is currently working as a gynecologist at Mizmedi Hospital, Seoul. Dr. Kwang Lee provides treatment with cutting-edge technology and expertise. He offers the most up-to-date services. In addition, he takes care of the patient’s safety and privacy. So, they can confide in him easily. Dr. Kwang Lee provides the best unbiased advice to the patient based on his condition. He validates their pain, listens to their problems, and treats them with professional courtesy. Furthermore, he is empathetic, focused, and a skilled person. All these qualities have earned him the due respect that he deserves.