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Dr. Ki-hun Kwon

Stroke · Cerebral aneurysm · Traumatic Nerve Injury


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Incheon Sejong Hospital

Incheon, South Korea



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20 Gyeyangmunhwa-ro Gyeyang-gu Incheon South Korea


Meet Dr. Kwon Ki-hun: Leading the Way in Neurosurgery at Incheon Sejong Hospital Are you seeking exceptional neurosurgical care that combines cutting-edge expertise with years of invaluable experience? Look no further than Dr. Kwon Ki-hun, the distinguished Neurosurgery Department Director at Incheon Sejong Hospital. With a remarkable educational background and an impressive career trajectory, Dr. Kwon stands at the forefront of innovation and patient-centered care. Education That Sets the Foundation: Dr. Kwon Ki-hun's journey to excellence began at the prestigious Kyungpook National University School of Medicine, where he laid the groundwork for his medical career. His thirst for knowledge and dedication led him to pursue a Master's degree at Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine in 2007, solidifying his expertise in the field of neurosurgery. A Trailblazing Career: Dr. Kwon's illustrious career is marked by his commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge and patient care. He embarked on his professional journey as a Trainee at Samsung Seoul Hospital, and from there, his passion for neurosurgery flourished. Spending years honing his craft at Samsung Seoul Hospital, he specialized in Neurosurgery, cultivating an intricate understanding of the complexities of the nervous system. His journey of excellence continued with key roles as a Clinical Instructor in Cerebrovascular Surgery and Neurointervention, where he played a pivotal role in advancing the field. His dedication was further demonstrated as he assumed the position of Clinical Assistant Professor at Chonbuk National University Hospital, solidifying his status as a sought-after expert. Global Perspectives, Local Expertise: Dr. Kwon's pursuit of excellence took him across borders to the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), where he underwent specialized training in neurosurgery. This international exposure enriched his skills and expanded his horizons, allowing him to offer world-class care back home. A Legacy of Leadership: With an impeccable track record, Dr. Kwon served as the Director of the Neurosurgery Department at Bucheon Sejong Hospital, where he further refined his surgical acumen and leadership prowess. Today, as the esteemed Neurosurgery Department Director at Incheon Sejong Hospital, Dr. Kwon continues to shape the landscape of neurosurgical care through his visionary leadership and commitment to patient well-being. Experience Elevated Care: Dr. Kwon Ki-hun's presence at Incheon Sejong Hospital signifies an unparalleled opportunity to receive top-tier neurosurgical care. His journey from a medical student to a distinguished leader is a testament to his unyielding dedication and passion for patient-centric treatment. Whether it's intricate neurointerventions or comprehensive neurosurgical procedures, Dr. Kwon's expertise promises the highest level of care. Choose Dr. Kwon Ki-hun for an extraordinary blend of extensive experience, international training, and innovative thinking in the field of neurosurgery. Your journey to optimal neurological health begins here at Incheon Sejong Hospital. Schedule your consultation today and experience the future of neurosurgical care, today.