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Dr. Kwon Soon-Beom

Eye Surgery · Breast Augmentation · Face contouring

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ARC Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea






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9F, 368 Sapyeong-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Meet Dr. Kwon Soon Beom: Your Trusted Guide to Transformation at ARC Plastic Surgery Clinic Discover the Best Plastic Surgeon in Korea Are you dreaming of enhancing your natural beauty? Look no further than Dr. Kwon Soon Beom, the renowned head of the ARC Plastic Surgery Clinic. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to patient safety, Dr. Kwon is your partner on your journey to a more beautiful you. A Legacy of Excellence Dr. Kwon Soon Beom's journey to becoming a plastic surgery specialist was guided by none other than his father, a distinguished cardiologist. Through this rigorous upbringing, he has instilled in himself the unwavering principle of "Implement only what is proven," upholding the highest standards in the field. Committed to Safe and Sustainable Results Dr. Kwon believes in the power of effective, sustainable, and safe surgery as the ultimate goal for every procedure. He achieves this by curating a secure surgical environment with a skilled medical team, rigorous surgical protocols, and precise medication and equipment use. Patient safety is always paramount, and Dr. Kwon ensures that the journey from consultation to recovery is seamless and secure. Communication is Key At ARC Plastic Surgery Clinic, communication is the cornerstone of patient care. Dr. Kwon maintains consistency between surgical processes and outcomes, and he places a strong emphasis on open and transparent communication with every patient. Your concerns and desires are heard and understood, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Tailored Beauty, Naturally Dr. Kwon Soon Beom understands that no two patients are alike. Whether you're considering facial contouring or a face lift, Dr. Kwon invests ample time and effort in the consultation process. He crafts customized surgical plans that take into account your unique characteristics, ensuring that your results are as natural as they are stunning. Experience the Artistry of Dr. Kwon Soon Beom at ARC Plastic Surgery Clinic, where your beauty dreams come to life with precision, safety, and unmatched expertise. Discover the difference today!