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    Dr. Kyung Hoon Lee

    Arthroscopy · Artificial joints (knee, hip)

    Himchan Hospital

    Incheon, South Korea


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    Bupyeong 5(o)-dong, Incheon, South Korea

    Kyung Hoon Lee

    Incheon, South Korea


    Dr. Kyung Hoon Lee is an experienced and well-known orthopedic surgeon at Himchan Hospital. His areas of medical expertise are arthroscopy and artificial joint replacement, especially knee and hips. His professional treatment techniques and intensive patient care make him stand out in his field. Arthroscopy is a surgical treatment for joint problems. Replacement arthroplasty, or joint replacement medical procedure, is a muscular medical procedure where a ligament or broken joint surface is supplanted with a muscular prosthesis. Joint substitution is considered a treatment when less-obtrusive treatments don't ease extreme joint torment or brokenness. Himchan Hospital caters to its patient needs with advanced technology and specialized doctors like Dr. Kyung Hoon Lee, prioritizing quality surgeries and patient comfort. Graduating from Catholic University School of Medicine, Dr. Kyung Hoon Lee works to facilitate his patients. He provides thorough diagnoses for patients and guides them about the treatment procedure to be comfortable during the surgery. Using modern equipment and painless methods, he ensures the quick recovery of patients. He uses MRI and EMRs etc., to provide professional consultancy. All his patients feel fit after their surgeries. He provides complete pre-and post-surgical treatment without surgical relapse. He takes pride in his profession and ensures intensive care for everyone. He has a high surgical recovery rate among other doctors. Dr. Kyung Hoon Lee provides a comfortable environment for his colleagues and patients. His caring and guiding nature make his surgical team trust him. He discusses his patient cases with other experienced doctors to get the best medical advice in the best interest of patients.