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Dr. Dongi Lee

Depression · Anxiety disorders

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Good Gang-an Hospital

Busan, South Korea

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493 Suyeong-ro Suyeong-gu Busan South Korea


Are you seeking relief from the challenges of anxiety or depressive disorder? Struggling with sleep disturbances that disrupt your nights? Longing for a trusted expert in memory disorders and dementia? Dr. Lee Dongi's exceptional expertise spans a spectrum of mental health concerns, making him your partner on the path to inner tranquility. Dr. Lee Dongi's illustrious journey in the realm of psychiatry is adorned with remarkable accomplishments. Holding esteemed degrees from both Dong-A University School of Medicine and Dong-A University Graduate School of Medicine, his qualifications reflect the highest standards of medical education. As the distinguished Director of Psychiatry at Dongin Hospital and the Department Director of Mental Health at Daenam Hospital, Dr. Lee Dongi has curated a legacy of compassionate care. But that's not all—Dr. Lee Dongi's impact extends beyond hospital walls. His role as an Adjunct Professor at Dong-A University Department of Mental Health Medicine and Inje University Mental Health Medical Department showcases his dedication to shaping future mental health leaders. With a steadfast commitment to advancing the field, Dr. Lee Dongi stands as a Regular Member of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association, where he contributes his insights to cutting-edge advancements. As a Director of the Korean Biotherapeutic Psychiatric Association, he pioneers innovative approaches to therapeutic interventions. Notably, Dr. Lee Dongi's expertise encompasses senior mental health and anxiety medicine. Holding the esteemed title of a certified senior mental health doctor in the Korean Society of Geriatric Psychiatry, he addresses the unique needs of older individuals with the utmost compassion. Additionally, his completion of an intensive care training course within the Korean Society of Anxiety Medicine demonstrates his unwavering dedication to offering the most advanced treatments. In the realm of mental well-being, Dr. Lee Dongi stands as a beacon of hope, a source of knowledge, and a guardian of serenity. Your journey towards a balanced, fulfilling life starts here, under the expert care of Dr. Lee Dongi.