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Dr. Lee Ji-hyun

Endodontics · Prosthodontics

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Reema Dental Clinic

Seoul, South Korea

Contact Information

396 Seocho-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Lee Ji-hyun is a distinguished dental professional with a remarkable career in the field of Dental Conservation. As the Director of Reema Dental Clinic, Dr. Lee's expertise and qualifications make her a trusted figure in the realm of dental care. Dr. Lee's educational background is steeped in excellence. She is a proud alumna of Seoul National University Dental College, where she completed her dental studies. Her commitment to advancing her knowledge led her to pursue a Master's degree in Dental Conservation from the prestigious Seoul National University Dental College Graduate School. This rigorous academic journey provided her with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of dental conservation. Dr. Lee's practical training further complements her academic achievements. She served as an intern in the Dental Conservation Department of Seoul National University Dental Hospital, where she gained hands-on experience in a clinical setting. Her dedication to refining her skills saw her become a resident in the same department, further enhancing her clinical acumen. With a deep commitment to professional growth and development, Dr. Lee is a full member of the Korean Academy of Conservative Dentistry. Her recognition as a member of this esteemed institution underscores her commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field. Additionally, she is a recognized member of the Korean Academy of Conservative Dentistry, further attesting to her contributions to the dental community. Dr. Lee's specialization lies in Dental Conservation, an area where her expertise shines. Her proficiency is acknowledged by her status as a Specialist in Dental Conservation. This designation signifies her mastery of techniques aimed at preserving and restoring oral health. Her professional affiliations underline her active involvement in the dental community. Dr. Lee is a regular member of the Korean Academy of Endodontic Dentistry, indicating her engagement with endodontic practices. Furthermore, her membership in the American Association of Endodontics showcases her global perspective on the field. Dr. Lee's dedication extends to the Korean Academy of Artificial Tooth and Bone Integration, where she maintains her membership. Dr. Lee's journey has seen her contribute to multiple dental institutions. She has held the prestigious position of Conservation Department Head at A Plus Dental Hospital, where her leadership left an indelible mark. Additionally, her role as the Conservation Department Head at Gangnam Smile Dental Hospital underscores her ability to manage and lead dental teams effectively. Dr. Lee's commitment to education is evident through her involvement in the TOP-DOWN PROSTHODONTIC COURSE, showcasing her dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering learning within the dental community. In summary, Dr. Lee Ji-hyun's journey in the field of Dental Conservation is characterized by her exemplary education, hands-on training, active professional affiliations, and leadership roles. As the Director of Reema Dental Clinic, she continues to embody excellence in dental care, making a positive impact on the oral health of her patients.