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Dr. Lee Ji-yong

Prostate cancer · Prostate disease

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Proud Urology Clinic

Seoul, South Korea

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509 Gangnam-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Lee Ji-yong stands out as a distinguished urologist who has dedicated his career to specializing in the complex realm of prostate disease and Prostate cancer. With his extensive educational background and diverse clinical experiences, he has become a leading authority in this critical area of urology. Dr. Lee's academic journey began with his graduation from Ajou University School of Medicine, where he laid the foundation for his medical expertise. He furthered his education by completing his studies at Ajou University Graduate School of Medicine, specializing in the Department of Urology at Ajou University Hospital. This comprehensive education equipped him with the necessary skills to address the intricate challenges associated with prostate-related conditions. Having acquired a strong educational base, Dr. Lee's practical experience has been equally impressive. He underwent rigorous training at Korea University Guro Hospital's Urology Prostate Clinic, refining his clinical skills and gaining practical insights into the intricacies of prostate health. This hands-on experience played a pivotal role in shaping him into the adept urologist he is today. At present, Dr. Lee serves as the Representative Director of Proud Urology Clinic, where he continues to demonstrate his dedication to providing exceptional medical care. He also holds the role of Director at the Proud Urology Male Surgery Clinic, showcasing his commitment to addressing specific health concerns among male patients. These leadership roles not only highlight his clinical expertise but also underscore his commitment to patient well-being. Dr. Lee's active memberships in various medical associations illustrate his ongoing pursuit of knowledge and dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in urology. As a regular member of the Korean Urological Association, he remains engaged with the latest research and developments in the field. His participation in the World Sexual Society and the Asia-Pacific Sexual Society emphasizes his recognition of the broader impact of urological health on patients' overall well-being. Furthermore, Dr. Lee's memberships in the Korean Society of Male and Female Science, the Korean Prostate Society, and the Korean Society of Urological Ultrasound further underline his commitment to a holistic approach to patient care. These affiliations showcase his recognition of the multidimensional aspects of urological health and the importance of addressing various factors that contribute to patients' overall quality of life. Dr. Lee's involvement with the Korean Society of Geriatrics and his recognition as a certified men's health practitioner highlight his dedication to understanding and addressing the unique health needs of aging patients. This inclusive approach to urology demonstrates his commitment to providing comprehensive care that considers patients' diverse circumstances and requirements.