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Dr. Lee Sang-won

Laser Surgery · Under-eye Fat Transfer

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Mi&Mi Clinic

Seoul, South Korea



Contact Information

439 Gangnam-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Lee Sang-won, a highly skilled plastic surgeon at Mi&Mi Clinic, is renowned for his expertise in Under-eye Fat Transfer and Laser Surgery. Holding significant leadership positions, he serves as the CEO of Hyeonmi & Mi&Mi Clinic Gwangmyeong Branch and the Director in charge of management training at Hyeonmi & Mi&Mi Clinic, showcasing his commitment to providing exceptional patient care and guiding the next generation of plastic surgeons. Dr. Lee's dedication to excellence is evident through his active involvement in various esteemed medical societies. He is a member of the Korean Academy of Skin Aesthetics, the Korean Academy of Primary Care, The Korean Academy of Beauty and Well-being, the Korean Society for Obesity Treatment, the Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, the Korea Acne/Melasma Research Institute, and the Korea Petit Plastic Surgery Research Institute. These affiliations underline his commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field and his passion for offering comprehensive solutions to his patients. To further enhance his skills and knowledge, Dr. Lee has undergone specialized training programs and workshops conducted by renowned institutions. His participation in the LG Yvoire Filler Key Doctor program, Filler RestyLane Workshop, Hiko Plus Key Doctor Seminar, MERZ (radiesse) academy program, Ellanse Filler Seminar, Ultra V Lifting Workshop, Sculptra Professional Training (by Sanofi Aventis), and Botox (Juvedem/Allergan/dysport) seminar demonstrates his dedication to mastering the latest techniques in fillers, non-surgical treatments, and laser surgery. Patients seeking Dr. Lee Sang-won's expertise can trust that they are in the hands of a compassionate and highly qualified plastic surgeon. His specialization in Under-eye Fat Transfer and Laser Surgery allows him to offer personalized and innovative solutions to address unique concerns. Dr. Lee's commitment to achieving natural-looking results, coupled with his involvement in cutting-edge research and training, solidifies his reputation as a respected figure in the field of plastic surgery. Through his transformative work, he continues to positively impact the lives of his patients, empowering them to embrace their best selves and enhance their natural beauty.