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Dr. Mehmet Taner Ozdemir

Pediatric voiding dysfunction · Urinary tract infection

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Private Anadolu Hospital Atasehir

Istanbul, Turkiye

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Barbaros Mah. Ortabahar Sokak No: 28, 28A Atasehir Istanbul


Meet Dr. Levend Ozkan Ozdemir, your esteemed Urologist at Private Anadolu Hospital Atasehir. Dr. Ozdemir isn't just a physician; he's your partner in urological health and well-being. With a reputation for excellence, he stands as one of the finest doctors in our hospital, dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care. Dr. Levend Ozkan Ozdemir's journey in the field of urology is as remarkable as it is inspiring. Born in Istanbul in 1974, he began his educational journey at Levent Primary School and continued on to the Istanbul Private German High School for his secondary and high school education. Driven by a passion for medicine, he embarked on his medical journey at Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1993. His dedication and perseverance led him to graduate in 1999 and swiftly take the Medical Specialization Examination in the same year. Dr. Ozdemir's commitment to excellence is evident in his specialization, where he honed his skills in urology at Kocaeli University TF Urology Department. He earned the title of Urology Specialist in 2004, but his thirst for knowledge didn't stop there. Driven by a desire to specialize in kidney transplantation, he pursued further education at prestigious institutions, including Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Yale University, and Miami University Organ Transplant Centers. Upon returning to Turkey, Dr. Ozdemir established the Kidney Transplant Center at Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine in 2010, marking a significant milestone in the field of urology and transplantation. His dedication and expertise were further recognized when he was granted the title of Associate Professor in 2012 and Professor in 2020. With Dr. Levend Ozkan Ozdemir, you're in the capable hands of a urologist who has dedicated his life to healing and advancing the field of urology. Experience the difference that his expertise and compassionate care can make in your urological health journey. Trust in the best – visit Private Anadolu Hospital Atasehir today and make your urological health a top priority. Your well-being deserves nothing less.