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Dr. Lim Ye-ji

General anesthesia

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Dana Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea



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606 Gangnam-daero Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Lim Ye-ji is a renowned professional in the field of plastic surgery and hair transplant, affiliated with DANA Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant. With a strong educational background and extensive experience, Dr. Lim has established herself as a trusted expert in her field. Dr. Lim began her medical journey by completing her internship at Seoul Asan Hospital, a prestigious medical institution known for its excellence in patient care and medical research. This valuable experience provided her with a solid foundation in various aspects of medicine and allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the medical profession. Following her internship, Dr. Lim continued her training as a resident at Seoul Asan Hospital. During her residency, she further honed her skills and knowledge in the field of plastic surgery and hair transplant. This residency program likely exposed her to a wide range of surgical procedures and provided her with hands-on experience in dealing with diverse patient cases. In addition to her clinical training, Dr. Lim is an esteemed member of the Korean Society of Anesthesiologists. This membership signifies her commitment to maintaining high professional standards and staying updated with the latest advancements and research in her field. Being a member of such a reputable organization also indicates her dedication to patient safety and the delivery of exceptional healthcare services. Dr. Lim Ye-ji's expertise lies in plastic surgery and hair transplant procedures. She combines her comprehensive medical knowledge, technical skills, and artistic sensibilities to provide her patients with natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results. Her patients benefit from her attention to detail, compassionate care, and commitment to achieving their desired outcomes. With her impressive background and affiliation with DANA Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant, Dr. Lim Ye-ji is a sought-after professional in the field of plastic surgery and hair transplant. Her contributions to the medical community and her commitment to patient well-being make her a respected and trusted name in her field.