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    Dr. Mahmut Fikret Gursel

    Laparoscopic Surgery · Parathyroid Disease

    VM Medical Park Samsun Hospital

    Samsun, Turkey


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    Dr. Mahmut Fikret Gursel is a competent General Surgeon of VM Medical Park Samsun Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. He is an expert in performing thyroid, parathyroid, hernia surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and oncological surgeries. He acquired his medical education from one of the reputed institutes of Turkey. After completing his MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from Ondokuz Mayis University, Faculty of Medicine, he obtained his specialization in General Surgery from the same university. Dr. Mahmut Fikret Gursel worked at numerous well-reputed hospitals during his professional career. He has successfully performed Breast cancer and Oncoplastic surgeries, Goiter, parathyroid and endocrinological surgeries, Reflux surgeries, Thymectomy, Nerve monitoring, Anorectal diseases, and Colorectal surgeries on his patients. He is familiar with the latest equipment and advanced procedures used to treat various cancers and provides his patients with top-class services and medical advice. Before prescribing any medical advice, Dr. Mahmut Fikret Gursel conducts a careful case study of his patient’s health and condition. He recommends surgical or laparoscopic procedures after complete assessment and ensures the patient receives a premium and long-lasting recovery for their issues. Besides his clinical practice, Dr. Mahmut Fikret Gursel attends seminars and conferences related to Internal Medicine. He has presented numerous research papers on a national and international level about oncological surgery and its care. Moreover, he is a member of multiple Turkish associations related to internal medicine and medical oncology. His juniors always look up to him, and he is the first choice of patients because of his humble and kind nature.