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Dr. Manuel Alvarez Rubio

Endoscopic Therapy

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Vithas Hospital San Jose

País Vasco, Spain





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Calle del, Calle Beato Tomás de Zumárraga, 10, 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, Spain


Dr. Manuel Alvarez Rubio is an endoscopic surgeon currently practicing at the Vithas Hospital, San Jose. He received his early medical education from the University of the Basque Country and has ever since dedicated himself to providing his excellent services for the betterment of humanity. In modern-day medicine, new techniques and new procedures keep on replacing the older, traditional ones. The newer methods gain popularity quickly because of their higher success rates, patient compliance, and lesser-than-usual recovery times. Dr. Manuel Alvarez Rubio is one of those doctors who have learned to implement these new techniques to better his patients. He is an expert at performing endoscopy. Nowadays, endoscopy has both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, meaning that doctors could use it to treat and diagnose the actual problem with the patient in a single go. Dr. Manuel Alvarez Rubio is aware that in medical, healthcare workers should move with the advancing world, and in doing so, he has proven himself to be a wise doctor who opted for the right path. Since Dr. Manuel Alvarez Rubio has an easy-going approach towards his patients, his patients are complying and cooperative, making it easier for him to perform endoscopy on them to diagnose or treat whatever is wrong with them. Dr. Manuel Alvarez Rubio is an efficient doctor who knows his way around endoscopy quite well. His attitude of learning new skills for further improving his techniques will only help him more in his career and in further gaining the trust of his patients.