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    Dr. Manuel Martinez Garcia

    Interventional radiology

    41 Yrs

    Vithas Hospital Perpetuo Internacional

    Comunidad Valenciana, Spain






    Dr. Manuel Martinez Garcia is head of the Radiology Service at Vithas Hospital Perpetuo Internacional and has more than 39 years of experience in this field. He is an expert in interventional radiology. He performs treatment of diseases, through the use of minimally invasive surgical procedures guided by imaging techniques. Thanks to his efforts, professionalism, and valuable skills, patients always respect him as the best doctor, and a wonderful person, who always cares about his patients. Dr. Manuel Martinez Garcia graduated in medicine and surgery at the University of Valencia, and he gained a radiodiagnosis specialty at the Alicante General University Hospital. Also, he has the title of supervisor of radiological facilities at the Nuclear Safety Council. Throughout his professional career, Dr. Manuel has held responsible positions in prestigious medical centers and a hospital where he helped many patients to recover.