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Dr. Marc Frei

Periodontics · Dental Implants

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Klinik Permanence

Bern, Switzerland






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Bümplizstrasse 83, 3018 Bern, Switzerland


Dr. med. dent. Marc Frei is a specialist in dentistry with certificates of proficiency in oral surgery (FOPH) and is currently working at Klinik Permanence. Dr. med. dent. Marc Frei studied dentistry and graduated with the best state examination of the year at the University of Bern from October 1999 to 2004. In 2006, Dr. med. dent. Marc Frei became a doctor of dentistry at the University of Bern. Dr. med. dentist Marc Frei completed structured specialist training at the Clinic for Oral Surgery and Stomatology of the ZMK of the University of Bern as a specialist dentist SSO for oral surgery (Prof. Dr. D. Buser) from April 2008 until April 2011. Dr. med. dent. Marc Frei completed the Master of Advanced Studies in Oral and Implant Surgery at the University of Bern in 2012. And in the same year, Dr. Marc Frei became a specialist in oral surgery. Dr. med. Dent. Marc Frei has been a Dental care at SC Bern since 2007. Dr. med. dent. Marc Frei Core competency is oral surgery (surgical interventions of the oral cavity). Dr. med. dent. Marc Frei is an attending physician at Clinic Permanence. Dr. med. dent. Marc Frei is also a member of the SSOS (Swiss Society of Oral Surgery and Stomatology), SSO (Swiss Dental Society), and ITI (International Team for Implantology). The key experiences of Dr. med. Dent. Marc Frei: 2011 Takeover of the dental practice of Dr. H.P. Frei at Werkgasse 2 in 3018 Bern 2011 Attending physician at the Permanence Clinic 2009 Dental Care of the IIHF World Championship in Bern (Ice Hockey World Championship) Jan 2005-AApr 2008: Assistant in the private practices of Dr. C. Hügel-Pisoni, Boll, and Dr. H. P. Frei, Bern