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Dr. Marc Philip Muhl

Foot Injury Treatment · Hand surgery clinic (microsurgery)

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Elmshorn Klinikum Regional Clinic

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany






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17 Agnes-Karll-Allee Elmshorn Pinneberg Schleswig-Holstein Germany


Dr. Marc Philip Muhl is a Chief Doctor in Clinic for Hand, Foot and Microsurgery Department at Elmshorn Klinikum Regional Clinic. He is a specialist in accident surgery, hand surgery, and a certified foot surgery (DAF). He is a member of the German Society for Hand Surgery (DGH), the German Foot and Ankle Association(D.A.F.), and the German Society for Trauma Surgery (DGU). Dr. Muhl has a teaching activity in German Working Group for Hand Therapy. He took up his Medicine degree at University of Hamburg. After that, he had his specialist training in Surgery, Hand Surgery and Trauma Surgery at Municipal Clinic South - Lubeck which he also took up an additional designation in foot surgery. The Clinic for Hand, Foot and Microsurgery is part of the wide range of surgical services at the Regio Klinikum Elmshorn. Due to its specialization, the clinic covers an important area of ​​the surgical spectrum and guarantees care close to home in an area that can otherwise only be offered in urban centers. In addition to being available 24 hours a day for hand surgery, Dr. Muhl also includes the complex requirements for corrections in the area of ​​the feet. All types of hand injuries, including amputations, are treated promptly by Dr. Muhl. Operations are planned individually after an introduction during the consultation hours. Many procedures can also be performed on an outpatient basis in the outpatient surgery center. Approximately 2,000 hand and foot operations are performed in the clinic led by Dr. Marc Philip Muhl every year.