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Dr. Markus Reimers

Ear Disorders · Maxillary sinus disease

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Klinik Beau-Site

Bern, Switzerland






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Schänzlihalde 11, 3013 Bern, Switzerland


Dr. Markus Reimers is an otorhinolaryngologist i.e., ENT doctor at Kilink Beau-Site. His primary focus lies in ear disorders and maxillary sinus diseases, but he also specializes in head and neck, nose, and maxillo-facial surgery. He is highly experienced and meticulous in what he does and has experience of over 30 years in the area of otorhinolaryngology. Otorhinolaryngology, or more commonly ENT, is an area of medical sciences that deals with the structural and functional aspects of the ear, nose, head, neck, and throat. Dr. Markus Reimers is not only an otorhinolaryngologist, but he also specializes in facial plastic surgery. He is one of the most experienced, dependable, and renowned doctors at Kilink Beau-Site. He provides services like hearing restoration, deviated septum repairs, eardrum perforation repairs, reconstructive surgery, plastic and maxillofacial surgeries, tumor removal from the head and neck, treatment of chronic ear infections, congenital abnormalities (like a cleft palate), sleep disorders, speech disorders, swallowing disorders and tonsillectomies. Knowing the importance of balance in the body, Dr. Markus Reimers employs the most technologically advanced and modern surgical and non-surgical treatment methods for balance restoration. Being multilingual, Dr. Markus Reimers is fluent in English, German, French, and Italian. He believes in developing a healthy, long-term, and collaborative relationship with his patients, and his multilinguist nature makes him very approachable and trustable for his patients. His patients are very content with his way of conduct and treatment methods. Dr. Markus Reimers is a part of many national and international medical forums and associations and has extensively researched the most optimal ENT surgical treatment techniques. He focuses on collaborating and developing a healthy and learning environment in the hospital.