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Dr. Martin H. M. Sailer

Brain aneurysm · Spine pathologies

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Bern, Switzerland






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Schänzlihalde 11, 3013 Bern, Switzerland


Few spine surgeons in Switzerland have as much experience as Dr. Martin H. M. Sailer when it comes to treating complex spine diseases and pathologies. In the field of Endoscopic Spine Surgery, he is an expert and master. Dr. Martin H. M. Sailer is a highly reputed and well-known Neurosurgeon and Spine surgeon at Hirslanden Salem-Spital, Bern. He is certified by the Swiss Medical Board (FMH). He is also a visiting colleague at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Bethesda. Dr. Martin H. M. Sailer specializes in diagnosing and treating back and brain diseases, brain aneurysms, brain surgery, and spine pathologies. Brain and spinal cord tumor removal and treatment of brain hemorrhages and slipped discs are among his areas of expertise. He also performs surgeries on the facial, hand, and leg nerves. Dr. Martin H. M. Sailer has a special interest in treating pinched nerves on the back or head. He has worked with fetal, embryonic, and adult stem cells for the past two decades. Stem cell isolation, culture, and transplantation are among his special interests. He has extensive training in his field. He is a world-renowned Swiss neurosurgeon with exceptional hands. He simplifies complicated brain surgery. Dr. Martin H. M. Sailer uses various advanced methods to help his patients, providing them with the ultimate best treatment. According to his belief, everyone has the right to high-quality health care which begins with listening to and fully understanding the patient.