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Dr. Maurizio Catagni

Bone fracture treatment · Limb Deformity

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San Carlo Nancy Hospital

Lazio, Italy



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275 Via Aurelia Roma Roma Città Metropolitana di Roma Lazio Italy


Prof. Maurizio Catagni is a highly skilled doctor, has over 30 years of rich professional experience, and has an impressive academic background, making him one of the best medical experts in the country. His attention to detail and humble nature makes him one of the country's finest and sought-after medical experts. Before suggesting any surgery or treatment, he evaluates his patients' medical history and keenly listens to his patients' concerns. In 1982 Prof. Catagni returned to Lecco from his stay at the Orthopedic Institute of Kurgan (Russia), where he went to improve his knowledge of the Ilizarov method and founded the association for the study and application of the Ilizarov method (ASAMI), with the aim of spreading the Ilizarov method in Italy. Since then, the diffusion occurred through conferences and courses attended by many Italian surgeons. In 1984 the method began to also spread in France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Mexico, and Brazil thanks to his efforts. Prof. Catagni also participates every year in numerous congresses and courses in various countries, from America to Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. During these trips, demonstrative surgery is performed. Dr. Maurizio Catagni has published numerous research papers and articles in reputed journals and has various other achievements in related studies. He has extended valuable service to the scientific community with extensive research work.