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Dr. Mehmet Gok

Liver diseases · Pancreaticoduodenectomy

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Camlica Erdem Hospital

İstanbul, Türkiye







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36 Alemdağ Yanyolu Kısıklı Üsküdar İstanbul Türkiye


Dr. Mehmet Gok is a renowned physician with over three decades of experience in the field of gastroenterology. Dr. Gok graduated from Karadeniz University Faculty of Medicine in 1990 and completed his internal medicine clinic assistant training at Ankara GATA in 1999. He then went on to complete his subspecialty training in gastroenterology at Istanbul GATA in 2004. Dr. Gok is a highly skilled and experienced gastroenterologist who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. He has worked at several prestigious hospitals throughout his career, gaining extensive experience in the field of gastroenterology. Dr. Gok specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of digestive system-related conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, and gastrointestinal cancers. As a compassionate and dedicated physician, Dr. Gok takes the time to understand each patient's unique needs and concerns. He believes in providing personalized care to each of his patients, ensuring that they receive the best possible treatment for their specific condition. Dr. Gok has worked at several hospitals throughout his career, including Kayseri Acıbadem Hospital, Kayseri Private Gunes Hospital, Kayseri Military Hospital, Private Gaziosmanpasa Hospital, Gebze Medical Park Hospital, Gaziosmanpasa Medical Park Hospital, Kolan Hospital, and currently at Camlıca Erdem Hospital since 2022.