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    Dr. Mehmet Kabukcu

    Aortic valve stenosis · Heart disease

    Memorial Antalya Hospital

    Antalya, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Mehmet Kabakcu is a veteran Cardiologist of Memorial Antalya Hospital, Turkey. He is considered a well-known expert in diagnosing and treating catheter and angiographic interventions, cardiac imaging, coronary angiography, balloon and stent application, and similar complex heart diseases. He completed his MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine, in 1987. After that, he started his residency training in Internal Medicine and then in Cardiology from the same institute. Dr. Mehmet Kabukcu practiced at prestigious health care centers in his country and has successfully treated thousands of patients with different cardiac conditions. Before his association with Memorial Antalya Hospital, he worked at Mediterranean University Hospital for ten years and five years at Medical Park Hospital. He received the designation of Associate Professor in 1998 from Akdeniz University Hospital, Turkey and was promoted to Professorship in 2004. He never stopped proceeding in his field and is currently learning more advanced techniques such as Mitral Valve Valvuloplasty (Closed valve surgery) and temporary and permanent pacemaker applications. Dr. Mehmet Kabukcu is kind in nature and deals with his patients with a holistic approach, providing them with sincere advice and best of service. He has done extensive research work as well. He is the author of over 50 national and international publications related to his field of specialization. He is an active member of the Turkish Society of Cardiology. He is regularly invited to seminars, workshops, and vocational training to share his rich experience and immense knowledge with other Cardiologists.