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Dr. Mehmet Yucel

Sexual dysfunction · Male Infertility

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Camlica Erdem Hospital

İstanbul, Türkiye







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36 Alemdağ Yanyolu Kısıklı Üsküdar İstanbul Türkiye


Meet Dr. Mehmet Yucel, Your Trusted Urology Specialist! Searching for an experienced and caring urologist? Look no further than Dr. Mehmet Yucel, a highly skilled specialist dedicated to providing exceptional care tailored to your needs. With Dr. Yucel by your side, you can trust that your urological health is in safe hands. Cutting-edge care at Camlıca Erdem Hospital Dr. Mehmet Yucel is proud to be a urology specialist at Camlıca Erdem Hospital, a leading healthcare institution renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and patient-centered approach. Here, you'll receive the highest quality care, placing your well-being at the forefront. Expertise Rooted in Top-Notch Education Dr. Yucel's exceptional expertise is built upon a solid educational foundation. He graduated from the esteemed Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1998, where he honed his skills and passion for urology. Subsequently, he pursued further specialization at SSK Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital in 2004, ensuring he remains at the forefront of advancements in the field. Comprehensive Urological Services for Your Well-being Dr. Mehmet Yucel offers a wide range of urological services, ensuring comprehensive care for all aspects of your urological health. His specialties include: Kidney and urinary tract stones: Expert management and treatment Infertility treatment (male infertility): Compassionate care to address fertility concerns Testicular cancer, undescended testicle, hydrocele, varicocele, cysts, and infections: Thorough diagnosis and personalized treatment for adults and children Greenlight laser, closed (TUR), and open prostate surgeries: Advanced procedures to address prostate-related issues Sexual dysfunction: Sensitive and effective management of intimate concerns Medical and surgical treatment of urinary incontinence (stress incontinence): Restoring comfort and confidence Ureteral stones, ureteral cancers/stenoses, and infections: Specialized care for adults and children Hypospadias in children: Expert treatment for congenital conditions Uroflowmetry: Comprehensive evaluation of urinary flow and function Circumcision: Safe and professional procedures for infants and adults Spermiogram: Detailed analysis to evaluate male fertility Urodynamics: Precise studies to assess bladder function Prioritizing Your Well-being, Every Step of the Way With Dr. Mehmet Yucel, your urological health is treated with utmost care and consideration. He combines his expertise, the latest medical advancements, and a compassionate approach to provide you with an exceptional patient experience. Your Search for an Outstanding Urologist Ends Here! If you're seeking a urologist known for excellence and a patient-focused approach, Dr. Mehmet Yucel is the specialist you can rely on. Don't wait any longer—schedule an appointment today and experience the level of care you deserve.