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    Dr. Mercedes Andeyro Garcia

    Uterine Myoma · Gynecologic Laparoscopy

    Vithas Hospital Pardo de Aravaca

    Comunidad de Madrid, Spain






    Dr. Mercedes Andeyro Garcia is a renowned gynecologist and the leading specialist of Uterine Myoma and Gynecologic Laparoscopy. She has rich experience in her fields and has deep knowledge about her specialties. She is respected for her personal qualities and professionalism. She works with complete honesty, integrity, and dedication. She is the complete embodiment of professionalism. Dr. Mercedes Andeyro Garcia is an amiable person who always greets others with a good countenance. She always provides the most confidential environment to her patients and listens to their issues with patience. She has successfully treated thousands of patients who had uterine issues or other gynecologic problems. Currently, she provides her unique services in the famous Vithas Hospital Pardo de Aravaca. Dr. Mercedes Andeyro Garcia acquired her bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from the renowned Autonomous University of Madrid. She received her house job training from the same university hospital, where she was provided with a challenging environment. She converted her theoretical knowledge into practical work during her training and learned various new medical skills. She also polished her skills through sheer dedication and hard work. After her successful training, Dr. Mercedes Andeyro Garcia worked as a general physician and quickly became famous for her quality services. She upgraded her professional qualifications by getting a specialization degree in gynecology from the reputed Autonomous University of Madrid. After her specialization, Dr. Mercedes Andeyro Garcia has worked with various national and international hospitals and acquired over 36 years of experience in her fields.